5 NEW LEFT RIGHT Gift Exchange Poems for Christmas

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Christmas is my most favorite time of year!  One thing my family has always done was play a left right Christmas game otherwise called the white elephant gift exchange.  This type of gift passing game is a great way for families or large groups of friends to exchange gifts in a fun way.  

The setup is very easy.  Simply arrange everyone in a circle with their gift in-hand and read a left right gift exchange poem for Christmas.  These specific Christmas gift exchange poems have verbal cues of “LEFT” and “RIGHT” sprinkled into the lines which tell the player to pass their wrapped gift to the corresponding direction.  Depending on the amount of people and which left right gift exchange poem you read, you never know what gift you’ll end up with.

  • Our family tradition is to set a price limit on the gift so everyone receives something “mostly” equal.  Here are a few quick examples of ones we’ve done in the past that made for a fun family Christmas party.
  • $20 gift card gift exchange (This was a fun random gift game where we all got to try something new depending on the card we got.)
  • Homemade Christmas ornament. (I loved this one, everyone made their own Christmas ornament and we all got something personal for our Christmas tree!
  • $15 Amazon gift. (Yes, we all use Amazon a little too much these days.)
  • 500 piece puzzle gift exchange.
  • Plan a date night. (We did this one at a community couples event.)
  • $100 cash surprise!  (I’ll admit, sometimes through the years Christmas gets way too busy and we had to improvise.  One year we forgot to plan our Christmas left right game and just did a $5 cash pass in plain white envelopes, but slipped one $100 bill in.  Everyone got back what they started with, but one person had a very happy Christmas when they opened their envelope to see $100.)
  • Really the possibilities are endless!

Below I’ve provided 5 of my very own Left Right Gift Exchange Poems for Christmas.  You can find a lot of them online here too.  Also, might I suggest, that you read 2-3 gift exchange poems to really mix up the gifts!

5 NEW LEFT/RIGHT Gift Exchange Poems for Christmas

The Family’s Secret Christmas Recipe

When I was little my mom made the best Christmas Apple Pie!  I get teary eyed every Christmas when I make it.  It takes me back to standing next to her in the kitchen as she made it and her teaching me all tie components of her “secret” ingredients.  This left right Christmas poem is in remembrance of her.

In a cozy kitchen, warm and bright,
A tradition sparked, pure delight.
Mother and daughter, side by side,
Embarked upon a pie-making ride.

To the LEFT, the flour stood tall,
In a snowy mound, ready to enthral.
RIGHT beside it, sugar sweet,
A dance of ingredients, a culinary feat.

LEFT-handed, Mom began to knead,
The dough, a canvas for a family creed.
RIGHT by her, the daughter learned,
Each twist and turn, the crust discerned.

A pinch of cinnamon, just to the RIGHT,
Adding spice, a flavor so out-RIGHT.
To the RIGHT, nutmeg joined the dance,
Enhancing the pie in a fragrant trance.

Apples peeled, RIGHT to the core,
Sliced to perfection, RIGHT on the floor.
In a pan to the LEFT, they gently swayed,
A fragrant symphony, a serenade.

A secret blend, to the RIGHT, she whispered,
Generations of love, in each pie, considered.
LEFT to simmer, the aroma wafted,
A timeless tradition, forever crafted.

LEFT with patience, the oven’s embrace,
RIGHT on time, the pie found its space.
From the warmth of the hearth to the family’s cheer,
The LEFTover slices, a memory held dear.

LEFT in the kitchen, a legacy to savor,
RIGHTfully passed, a sweet endeavor.
For in every slice, the family tied,
As we pass to the RIGHT, a tradition never denied.

Kids Rushing to the Christmas Tree

When I was little, I used to wake up at the crack of dawn and rush to the Christmas tree to see what Santa brought me.  It was so much fun getting to play with all my toys before everyone got up.  I’d fall asleep under the Christmas tree and my parents would find me there each Christmas morning.  My children were the same way.  It was fun as a child and it was fun to observe in my children as a parent.  This Christmas poem tries to capture those Christmas mornings full of wonder.

In the festive dawn, excitement takes flight,
Children stir with joy, eyes shining bright.
To the LEFT, the tree stands tall,
Branches adorned, gifts for all.

LEFT and RIGHT, a whispering thrill,
Giggles and laughter, a holiday skill.
To the RIGHT, stockings dangle with glee,
LEFT with anticipation, hearts set free.

LEFT in dreams, where wonder weaves,
Of Santa’s treasures, each heart believes.
As dawn breaks, to the LEFT they race,
A flurry of joy, a happy embrace.

RIGHT by the tree, wide-eyed delight,
LEFT by Santa, gifts in plain sight.
RIGHT in their hands, wrapping paper torn,
LEFTover memories, forever sworn.

LEFT-handed joy, a playful spree,
RIGHT there, a doll in lace, you see.
LEFTover cookies, a tasty affair,
By the fireplace, a cozy lair.

RIGHT in the corner, a teddy bear’s hug,
LEFT by the fire, a festive rug.
LEFT-handed puzzles, minds connect,
RIGHT there, a scene to introspect.

In the warmth of the fire’s glow,
RIGHT by the hearth, stories to sow.
LEFT with gratitude, hearts ignite,
RIGHT by the tree, on this magical night.

So, LEFT and RIGHT, in festive cheer,
Christmas morning, each passing year.
LEFT in wonder, dreams unfold,
RIGHT where the magic takes hold.

RIGHT by the window, snowflakes twirl,
LEFT in the laughter of each boy and girl.
With each moment, in joy’s ballet,
One LEFT and Christmas memories stay.

The Super Ultra Mega Mixup LEFT RIGHT Gift Exchange Poem

Okay, I need to say something before we get into this one.  My little ones wanted a “poem” that had a plethora of “Left” and “Right” references that kept the gift passing going nonstop.  It made for a lot of laughter over the years and they almost always request it.  This is a freestyle family effort left right gift exchange poem.  Sometimes it is a blast to create your own story for this.

Oh no! Santa Claus LEFT his toy bag RIGHT by the fireplace!
He LEFT his sleigh to fetch the magical bag, but then LEFT his keys with the reindeer!
RIGHT back to the sleigh he went.
Searching LEFT of the controls, and RIGHT of the gears the keys where no where to be found.

Just then a Jolly Old Elf appeared to Santa’s LEFT and said, “Just use the LEFT RIGHT passcode to get in.
Of course the LEFT RIGHT Christmas Passcode to unlock the door.  

Santa rushed RIGHT to the door and pressed the RIGHTward green button and shout this secret message…

St. Nick was stumped! Was Christmas Eve ruined?
Maybe all RIGHTs were RIGHT
But nope, he was LEFT out in the cold.

When all hope was gone, Santa worked up the courage to try one last time.
With a wink of his LEFT eye he smiled and tried again.

With the end in sight he tired one more RIGHT.

Click! went the lock and the door swung RIGHT open.
He grabbed his keys on the table to the LEFT
He ran RIGHT to his sleight and LEFT RIGHT away!

LEFT/RIGHT Nativity Christmas Story

I don’t know about you, but my father used to read the Christmas story every Christmas.  He told of the true meaning of Christmas and would gather us all up to read it.  I’ll admit, as a child, I really wanted to get to the presents most years, but what I would give to have him read it one more time at Christmas.

In Bethlehem’s humble, sacred site,
A tale unfolds, a guiding light.
To the LEFT, a stable, modest and mild,
Where Mary and Joseph cradled the Child.

LEFT in the manger, a baby’s first breath,
A heavenly gift, defeating all death.
To the RIGHT, the shepherds in awe,
Witnessed a miracle, hearts left in awe.

LEFT on the hill, a star so bright,
Guiding wise men in the silent night.
To the RIGHT, they brought gifts so grand,
Gold, frankincense, myrrh, in their hand.

LEFT in the shadows, a city’s hum,
Unaware of the miracle, yet to become.
To the RIGHT, the angels’ chorus on high,
Announcing the Savior, a celestial sigh.

LEFT with wonder, the world now still,
A baby’s cry, a divine thrill.
To the RIGHT, a promise of peace,
A love that would never cease.

RIGHT there in the stable, hay for a bed,
LEFT unspoken words, yet widely spread.
LEFT in the silence, a moment in time,
RIGHTeousness born, a heavenly chime.

RIGHTeous shepherds, LEFT to proclaim,
The miracle witnessed, in the Savior’s name.
LEFT in awe, the world did bow,
To the RIGHTeous King, here and now.

To the RIGHT of the scene, a cosmic plan,
LEFT no room for darkness, only began.
LEFT in the heart, a message of grace,
RIGHTing the world, in love’s embrace.

So LEFT and RIGHT, in the nativity’s glow,
A story of love, for all to know.
LEFT in awe, hearts forever smitten,
RIGHTeousness born, the world was written.

The Grinch Steals Christmas

Have you ever been called a Christmas Grinch?  I think we all go through a “Grinch phase” when the stresses of Christmas build up.  But if we learn some mindfulness and can let the pressures of finding the perfect gift go it is much more enjoyable.

Likewise, I love the story of the Grinch and how his heart grew through seeing the singing of Christmas carols.  

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Whoville,
The Grinch hatched a plan, with malice and skill.
He tiptoed through town, his heart full of spite,
Plotting to steal Christmas, oh what a delight!

To the LEFT of his cave, he gathered his loot,
A sack full of presents, oh what a brute!
With a sinister grin, he cackled with glee,
“I’ll take Christmas away, just you wait and see.”

The Grinch slinked to the RIGHT, his footsteps light,
Through the houses of Whos, in the silent night.
He swiped to the LEFT, then swiped to the RIGHT,
Snatching up gifts, his heart cold as ice.

In the living rooms, he LEFT chaos behind,
No stockings, no presents, no holiday bind.
But the Grinch wasn’t satisfied, not quite yet,
He wanted to make sure they’d never forget.

He slithered through streets, from LEFT to the RIGHT,
His bag growing heavier, his heart so uptight.
To the LEFT, to the RIGHT, he stole with delight,
Leaving a trail of darkness on this fateful night.

The Whos woke up to a scene so absurd,
No presents, no joy, not a festive word.
The Grinch had succeeded, or so he believed,
But little did he know, a plan was conceived.

The Whos, undeterred, with spirits so bright,
Decided to give, not in spite.
They gathered in circles, to the LEFT and the RIGHT,
Exchanging white elephants in the Christmas night.

Passing gifts LEFT and passing gifts RIGHT,
Laughter erupted, oh what a sight!
The Grinch watched in awe as the Whos came together,
Their joy and love, a bond that would last forever.

The stolen Christmas couldn’t dampen their cheer,
For in giving and sharing, they conquered their fear.
The Grinch, looking LEFT and looking RIGHT,
Realized his plan had failed that night.

For Christmas, he learned, was more than just things,
It’s the joy that each giving and sharing brings.
So, as the Whos celebrated, LEFT and RIGHT,
The Grinch’s heart softened, and he saw the light.

He returned the stolen gifts, one by one,
Apologized to the Whos for the harm he’d done.
And as he joined in their festivities that night,
He understood the true meaning of Christmas, so bright.

Hermy the Dentist

Have you watched the 1964 version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?  We watched this movie ever year growing up.  While many people remember Rudolph, my favorite character in the move was Hermy.  He was an elf who was cast out because he didn’t want to make toys.  Hermy wanted to be a dentist.  Both Rudolph and Hermy were misfits who setoff on their own adventure.  While their path was treacherous, it bonded them together and helped them discover their place.

In the land of snow, where dreams took flight,
Lived Hermey, an elf with a different insight.
Not toys nor tinsel, his heart did sway,
A dentist’s dream was LEFT in array.

To the RIGHT, in the workshop’s festive hum,
Hermey toiled, his dream begun.
A misfit among toys, unconventional and free,
His dreams swirled abundant and RIGHTfully.

Through snow and storm, Rudolph came RIGHT,
With a nose aglow, a guiding light.
“Let’s journey together, find your true way,
To the LEFT, where dreams like starlight play.”

On their quest, through the North’s expanse,
To the RIGHT, they danced, a festive dance.
A dentist’s chair, not part of the norm,
To the RIGHT, Hermey found his true form.

Yet in the story, another twist takes hold,
A creature emerges from the RIGHT, fierce and bold.
The Abominable Snowman, with a fearsome sound,
A LEFT turn for Hermey, courage unbound.

To the LEFT of the mountains, where ice towers stand,
Hermey approached with tools in his RIGHT hand.
A dental plea echoed in the creature’s roar,
LEFT with pain, the Abominable, evermore.

A LEFT turn for the beast, once wild and free,
Hermey’s compassion set the Abominable free.
From LEFT to RIGHT, a transformation rare,
A dental duo, a friendship to declare.

So, in the tale where LEFT meets RIGHT,
Hermey found purpose, his dreams taking flight.
In the workshop, or the mountains RIGHT,
Misfits unite, turning darkness into light.

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