10 Secret Santa Poems

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One of my favorite holiday traditions during Christmas time is “Secret Santa.”  Have you ever been a part of a Secret Santa gift exchange?  If not, I highly recommend it!

You’re welcome to jump straight down to the Secret Santa poems, but I wanted to share a personal story about when I went to a December women’s writing retreat.  I’ve also included an outline on how to plan your own Secret Santa event at the very bottom if you’re interested.

Secret Santa and my retreat

In December of 2012, I went to my very first writer’s retreat.  It was held at a cozy cabin in Gatlinburg, TN and I joined 19 other women who were inspiring writers.  I had never attended a retreat like this due to my teaching schedule and family life.  To be honest, I was very nervous as I only knew one other person attending.

Weeks before the retreat took place, the coordinator wanted to spread festive cheer through a writer-themed Christmas present gift exchange.  She had us all secretly draw a name of another woman who would be attending.  The name I drew was Lily.  The only thing I knew about Lily was she was another aspiring writer looking to hone her skills.  Her primary focus was on novels.  I purchased a leather-bound journal and had her name engraved on it.  I then made a gift basket with assorted LINDOR chocolates (my personal favorites).  

When we arrived at the writer’s retreat, our host had decorated the cozy winter cabin with Christmas lights, a small Christmas tree, and a small Santa Claus statue holding a sign with the agenda.  We exchanged our Secret Santa gifts after everyone arrived and it was magical.  

Since most of us didn’t know each other before attending, the game served as an “ice-breaker” and really got everyone laughing and talking.  This small game bonded us together in ways I could have never imagined.  We became a tight-knit group of ladies who still talk to this day.  I still send Lily Christmas cards all these years later.

With that, I wanted to share some of the Secret Santa Poems I’ve written through the years.  I hope you enjoy them and use them to help spread Christmas cheer to those around you!

10 Secret Santa Poems

I hope these Secret Santa poems help you along your journey as a gift giver this year.  Maybe it’s through a handwritten note, holiday card, or read at a Christmas party feel free to share one of my poems about being a secret Santa at your next event.  I wish you lots of love, humor and happiness this Christmas season.


I can remember writing Acrostic poems from my early childhood days.  Back then, these were usually very funny poems about childhood dreams.  I wanted to recapture that childhood awe this holiday season by starting off with an Acrostic-style secret Santa poem.

Seeking joy in the holiday air,
Exchanging gifts with love to spare.
Celebrating in a festive dance,
Reveling in each merry chance.
Every heart touched by the cheer,
Together, friends draw near.

Secure in mystery, gifts unfold,
Anticipating stories yet untold.
Nestled in the warmth of giving,
Treasure shared, a festive living.
Around, the joy expands,
Secret Santas, hearts join hands.

Gifts Wrapped in Mystery

This is one of the poems that I ended up writing and reading to the ladies at the December writer’s retreat I mentioned above.  It captures everything I felt during that retreat.

In December’s grasp, with snowflakes light,
A gathering of writers, hearts alight,
A women’s event, our spirits free,
To forge connections, to learn and see.

In a cabin snug, we came together,
To weave our tales in wintery weather,
With dreams and hopes, we journeyed far,
To find inspiration beneath each star.

A Secret Santa twist, no one yet known,
The gifts we’d exchange, all on our own,
Strangers in words, yet kindred in heart,
A fresh, blank canvas, a creative start.

Gifts wrapped in mystery, secrets concealed,
In holiday spirit, our treasures revealed,
For in each package, a piece of art,
A fragment of a writer’s creative heart.

The joy of giving, the surprise of receiving,
With pens and paper, our stories weaving,
In strangers’ words, we found our muse,
As friendships grew, and words we’d choose.

Through “Gifts Wrapped in Mystery,” we found our way,
To brighter horizons, in the light of day,
With pen in hand, and hearts set free,
We embraced the magic of possibility.

Santa’s Silent Surprises

An office Secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to swap small gifts and build team morale.  I’ve seen some funny Christmas gifts through the years at office parties, have you?  This short Secret Santa sonnet reflects back on my school office parties.

In the festive office glow, we gather near,
For Secret Santa’s surprises to appear.
A merry exchange, each gift unknown,
Wrapped in laughter, moments to be sown.

A quirky tie that dances with delight,
Or socks adorned with unicorns in flight.
Gag gifts and trinkets, oh, what a jest,
Bringing joy and laughter, the very best.

A rubber chicken, an office gnome,
In the exchange of humor, we find a home.
Surprises unfold, each package a tale,
Of friendship and joy that will never pale.

In this season of mirth, we unite,
With Secret Santa’s whimsy, pure and bright.

Oh No! Elf of a Shelf is my Secret Santa!

In the workshop of the North Pole’s delight,
My Secret Santa’s causing quite a plight.
An Elf on a Shelf with a mischievous grin,
His gift choices? Oh, where do I begin?

He wrapped up a sled for my tropical spree,
As if snow-covered beaches were where I’d be.
A pair of skis for my tiny apartment,
Oh, Elf, your sense of scale is so apparent.

A penguin suit, for those formal affairs,
Apparently, Elf thinks I’m going to be the talk of the polar bear stares.
And snorkel and flippers, just for the fun,
Diving into laughter, the mischief’s just begun.

A map to the North Pole, a one-way trip,
Elf, are you implying I should take a skip?
Or perhaps he’s hinting at a frozen quest,
A journey to find Santa’s secret rest.

Has transformed Secret Santa with elven grace,
In whimsical choices, a festive embrace.
With giggles and pranks, the holiday’s bright,
Thanks to my mischievous gift-giving sprite.

A Secret Santa Gift She Did Not Expect

In the realm of Secret Santa chance,
A woman drew a name, but didn’t expect romance.
A mystery unfolded, a challenge to explore,
For the recipient, a man she knew no more.

With curiosity ablaze, she began her quest,
To find the perfect gift, she gave her best.
Covertly seeking clues, without a trace,
She stumbled upon a shared passion’s grace.

Hobbies aligned like stars in the night,
Two kindred spirits, their interests in sight.
As the gifts were exchanged on that festive eve,
Friendship blossomed, a connection to believe.

Through laughter and shared moments so dear,
Love blossomed and replaced any fear.
From Secret Santa’s draw to a lifetime of glee,
They’re now happily married, a true love decree.

Frosty the Snowman’s Secret Santa Gift

Frosty, that frosty fellow, brought a gift so rare,
A snow globe of wonder, a miniature icy lair.
Inside the globe, a winter world unfurled,
Tiny snowflakes danced as secrets swirled.

In this frosty orb, a magical scene,
A miniature village with houses pristine.
Each building adorned with snowy grace,
Icicle trim and a chimney’s embrace.

Elves in scarves, snowmen with glee,
Reindeer prancing by a frost-covered tree.
Every detail crafted with snowy delight,
A whimsical wonderland, a pure snowy sight.

But the magic didn’t stop with the scene so small,
For Frosty’s gift held a surprise for all.
Give it a shake, let the snowflakes fly,
And a hidden compartment would catch your eye.

Inside, a note from Frosty, written with cheer,
“May your days be merry, your heart full of cheer.
In this snowy haven, find joy and delight,
Merry Christmas to you, and to all a good night!”

A gift so unique, from Frosty so grand,
A snow globe creation, a wintry dreamland.
It captured the essence of the season so bright,
A secret Santa gift that brought pure delight!

A Secret Santa Poem for Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, with joy and cheer,
A secret Santa did appear.
A small gift wrapped in festive ties,
Underneath the twinkling skies.

With mince pies baking in the oven’s heat,
The anticipation was oh so sweet.
A quick guess, who could it be?
A mystery wrapped in secrecy.

Best wishes written on a card so neat,
A holiday gesture, truly sweet.
The package held a charming surprise,
Unveiling joy in unsuspecting eyes.

So gather ’round, dear friends, and see,
The magic of a secret Santa spree.
May your Christmas be merry and bright,
With small gifts and laughter on this joyous night!

A Present in Disguise

Gift in disguise waits,
Whispers of joy wrapped in stealth,
Secret Santa smiles.

A Christian Christmas Secret Santa Poem for All

In Bethlehem’s glow, a special gift bestowed,
A babe named Jesus, in a manger laid,
Merry Christmas whispers through the ages flowed.

A star above, its brilliance gently glowed,
Announcing a new gift, a love cascade,
In Bethlehem’s glow, a special gift bestowed.

The shepherds’ awe, by angels’ tales, was sowed,
A Savior born, in swaddling clothes arrayed,
Merry Christmas whispers through the ages flowed.

The wise men journeyed, treasures they bestowed,
Frankincense, myrrh, and gold, their tribute paid,
In Bethlehem’s glow, a special gift bestowed.

The manger scene, where love and grace abode,
A promise fulfilled, a debt repaid,
Merry Christmas whispers through the ages flowed.

Through time and space, the sacred story glowed,
A message timeless, in hearts portrayed,
In Bethlehem’s glow, a special gift bestowed,
Merry Christmas whispers through the ages flowed.

My Nephew’s Secret Pal

In yuletide’s hush, a secret Santa’s quest,
On Christmas Day, a gift to manifest.
A secret pal, a nephew’s joy embraced,
In little gifts, love intricately traced.

Contemplation waltzed through eager hours,
Dreaming of presents to summon joyous showers.
A symphony of thoughts, a heartfelt score,
Crafting a gift that love could not ignore.

Through winter’s whispers and frosty applause,
Imagined wonders sparked without a pause.
For a young heart that beats with boundless glee,
The perfect gift, a gesture full of glee.

So in this season, where love takes its stance,
A nephew’s joy, the heart’s sweet resonance.

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