10 Thank You Poems for Pastors

thank you poems for pastors

In the tapestry of community, where every thread has its role, the work of a pastor weaves through the very heart of it, binding us together in moments of joy, …

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7 Poems about Sailing

poems about sailing

Sailing, for me, embodies a freedom that’s hard to find on solid ground. It’s as if, with every voyage, I shed the weight of the world and become a true …

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10 Memorial Day Poems

memorial day poems

On a quiet morning, as the first light of dawn creeps over the rugged Montana landscape, I find myself perched on the old wooden rocking chair that overlooks the sprawling …

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5 Sand Ceremony Poems

Sand Ceremony Poems

Within every important ritual, there is a sign, an action that quietly but deeply expresses the true meaning of the event. The sand ceremony is particularly notable as it presents …

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10 Secret Santa Poems

secret santa poems

One of my favorite holiday traditions during Christmas time is “Secret Santa.”  Have you ever been a part of a Secret Santa gift exchange?  If not, I highly recommend it! …

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10 Poems About Days

poems about days

As I get older I find myself reflecting on the importance of each day and the passage of time.  With each sunrise, we have an opportunity for a fresh start …

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10 Pastor Appreciation Poems

pastor appreciation poems

Like many, I grew up attending church services each Sunday.  It was a cornerstone of my childhood.  I made many friends by attending Sunday School, youth camps, and now small …

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5 Relatable Poems About Books

poems about books

As you know, I love writing poems.  Today, I want to share with you another passion of mine and that is reading books.  Below I’ve even merged both my loves …

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7 Empowering Poems About Justice

poems about justice

In the US, we are fortunate to have a strong justice system. Its aim is to maintain equality and fairness for all. Justice is all about treating people with respect …

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