7 Delicious Poems About Coffee

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I don’t know about you, but for me, coffee is more than just a beverage—it’s a daily ritual that helps me feel grounded and connected to myself and the world around me.

There’s something about the aroma of fresh coffee that just speaks to my soul making me feel more alert and alive. I’ve even written a few poems about coffee through the years!

In my younger years, I would drink it way too fast. I didn’t take the time to appreciate my mornings. Now, I savor each sip, feeling the warmth spread through my body and energizing me for the day ahead. It’s a small indulgence that brings me joy.

5 Quick reasons why I enjoy a cup of coffee every day.

  1. I treat my morning coffee as a ritual that helps me slow down, enjoy the moment, and think.
  2. Coffee gives me a boost of energy or at least I perceive it that way at this point.
  3. Studies have shown that black coffee can have health benefits, like reducing the risk of certain diseases and improving brain function. Not going to lie, this just makes me feel better.
  4. Coffee is a social drink that brings people together. Whether I’m meeting up with friends at a local coffee shop or networking with other bloggers, sharing a cup of coffee is a great way to make friends.
  5. As a writer, I find that coffee helps me get into a creative mindset. Something about the combination of caffeine and warmth seems to unlock my creativity and inspire me to put words on the page like these poems about coffee that I’m about to share.

Let’s jump into my favorite poems about coffee.

A cup of coffee is perfect for when I sit down to write poems or catch up with a friend. I love exploring new flavors and trying different brewing methods, always searching for the perfect cup.

This mom needs her coffee!

This mom needs her coffee,
it’s clear to see,
She’s running around,
as busy as can be.
Her kids are like tornadoes,
leaving chaos in their wake,
And she just wants a moment
of calm for goodness sake!

She wakes up each morning
with a smile on her face,
But by noon she’s frazzled
and in need of a break.
She dreams of a world
where she can just sit,
With her cup of coffee,
and maybe a biscuit.

But alas, it’s not to be,
as her kids need her attention,
She rushes around,
dealing with their constant commotion.
She tries to stay calm,
but it’s hard to do,
When the house is a mess
and the laundry’s in view.

She longs for the day
when her kids are grown,
And she can finally sit
and enjoy her own home.
But until then,
she’ll keep running around,
Hoping that one day,
peace can be found.

So let’s raise a cup
to this mom in need,
Of some peace and quiet,
and a chance to read.
May her coffee be strong,
and her kids be kind,
And may she always have
a peaceful state of mind!

Oh no! I spilled my coffee.

Oh no! I spilled my coffee,
On my shirt and on my shoes.
I feel like such a goofball,
Can I blame it on the booze?

The brown liquid stains my clothes,
And makes me smell like a brew.
My colleagues laugh and tease me,
I wish this day was through.

But as I clean the mess I made,
And grab a new cup of joe,
I realize that life goes on,
And spills happen, don’t you know?

So let’s all have a laugh,
And enjoy the little things.
Like a good cup of coffee,
And the joy that it brings.

Sally’s a slow sipping coffee sipper.

My haiku about coffee is dedicated to Sally who I met at a coffee shop.

Sally sips slowly,
Sweet scent soothes her senses so,
Serene, satisfied.

The alluring fragrance of coffee.

Of all the scents that I adore
Coffee’s aroma I can’t ignore
Its fragrance so bold
Can wake up the old
And keep them awake for much more.

Coffee with my friend

Coffee with my friend,
A ritual we cherish to no end,
Sharing life’s joys and woes,
As the warm brew flows.

We sip and laugh and talk,
About our struggles and walks,
Through highs and lows we stand,
Together, understanding each other’s brand.

The aroma of coffee fills the air,
A symbol of the bond we share,
From every sip to every pause,
We celebrate life’s endless cause.

With every cup we’ve shared,
Our friendship has grown and fared,
Together we’ve faced the tides,
And conquered life’s turbulent rides.

Coffee with my friend,
A tradition we’ll never end,
For the memories we’ve made,
Are priceless and never to fade.

Coffee Beans (to the tune of Jingle Bells)

I wrote this on Christmas morning many years ago while waiting for my kids to get up and see their Christmas presents.  It was a magical morning full of cheer.

Verse 1:
Sipping on my coffee,
Feelin’ wide awake,
Brewing up a fresh pot,
For goodness sake!

Coffee beans, coffee beans,
Roasting all the way,
Oh what fun it is to drink
A cup to start the day, hey!

Verse 2:
Caffeine is my fuel,
Keeps me on my toes,
Gimme a latte,
And watch me go, go, go!

Coffee beans, coffee beans,
Roasting all the way,
Oh what fun it is to drink
A cup to start the day, hey!

Verse 3:
Coffee breaks at work,
Are what keep us sane,
We’ll never give up,
Our daily caffeine!

Coffee beans, coffee beans,
Roasting all the way,
Oh what fun it is to drink
A cup to start the day, hey!

Verse 4:
So raise your mugs up high,
And let’s all give a cheer,
For coffee beans, the best thing
To keep us all in gear!

Coffee beans, coffee beans,
Roasting all the way,
Oh what fun it is to drink
A cup to start the day, hey!

My local coffee shop

Oh sweet aroma, how you greet me,
As I walk through the door of my coffee shop,
With each step I take, I feel your energy,
And I forget about the outside world and stop.

Your warmth and coziness envelop me,
As I take a seat, and the world fades away,
The hustle and bustle of life just flee,
And I can focus on the present day.

The sound of the barista’s machines,
The hum of chatter, and the music too,
Are all part of the coffee shop scene,
And it’s a place where I can be true.

The coffee, oh the coffee, it’s perfection,
A flavor so rich, and aroma so bold,
I savor every sip, it’s my affection,
And it’s worth every penny that I’ve sold.

My local coffee shop, you’re a treasure,
A place where I can feel at home,
And I’ll come back to you, with pleasure,
For your ambiance, your coffee, and your foam.

So here’s to you, my coffee shop divine,
May you thrive, and continue to shine.

Finishing the cup (A Coffee Poems Summary)

Pairing coffee with poetry is a great way to start your day off on the right foot or to take a moment to unwind and reflect during life’s insanely fast pace. It’s an indulgence I don’t take lightly as it can be enjoyed alone or shared with others, and it’s a reminder to savor life’s simple pleasures.

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