10 Pastor Appreciation Poems

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Like many, I grew up attending church services each Sunday.  It was a cornerstone of my childhood.  I made many friends by attending Sunday School, youth camps, and now small groups.

Through the years I’ve had different pastors, but all have stood true to their teaches of Christ.  They exude kind and compassionate attitudes toward others and approach life with humility. 

I respect and admire their life of conviction, purpose, and steadfastness.  Their Christlike reflection has led to the creation of a few pastor appreciation poems.

10 Pastor Appreciation Poems

Did you know that October is pastor appreciation month?  It’s a time to share with your pastors what they mean to you.  Sometimes this can be a gift, but I prefer to write pastor appreciation poems each year to share what they’ve meant to me and my family.  I hope you enjoy these poems about pastors and can use them to share with your pastor this year.

A Poetic Prayer for My Pastor

This is a poetic prayer for my pastors written from the point of view of the church praying for many blessings, safety, and Spiritual wisdom in their lives.

Oh gracious God above,
We come to you with hearts of love.
We thank you for our pastor dear,
And all the guidance they bring near.

Bless our pastor with strength and might,
As they lead us in your holy light.
May they be kept safe from harm,
As they journey on this earthly farm.

Grant them wisdom to make decisions wise,
And courage to speak truth before our eyes.
May their words be filled with grace,
As they lead us in this holy race.

We ask that you provide for their needs,
And give them rest when their spirit pleads.
May they always feel your loving embrace,
And know that in you, they find their place.

Oh Lord, our hearts are full of praise,
For the pastor you have sent our ways.
May they always feel our gratitude and love,
And know they are a blessing from above.

So we pray for blessings upon their life,
And that they may continue to shine so bright.
Thank you, God, for our pastor’s faithful call,
And may your grace be upon them, now and forevermore.

Feed My Sheep

This is a poem about a pastor who strives to carry out Jesus’ command of, “feed my sheep”.

In fields of green and pastures wide,
The pastor walks with humble stride,
His heart filled with a burning flame,
To follow God’s command, his only aim.

“Feed my sheep,” the Lord did say,
And so the pastor treads the way,
To bring God’s love to all who seek,
And give them food for soul and beak.

He tends his flock with love and care,
With words of hope, he’s always there,
To guide and lead them through the night,
And show them the path that’s right.

With every sermon, every prayer,
The pastor’s words ring loud and clear,
His faith and love a shining light,
To help his sheep in darkest night.

Through trials, struggles, and pain,
The pastor’s love will still remain,
A beacon of hope to all who weep,
For he obeys the Lord’s command to “feed my sheep.”

And when his work on earth is done,
And he’s called to join the Heavenly Son,
He’ll leave behind a legacy so grand,
Of a life well-lived, by God’s command.

A Joke Telling Pastor

Does your pastor tell jokes to grab your attention?  I love Christian jokes and appreciate it when pastors incorporate them into sermons.

There once was a pastor so fine,
Who loved to tell jokes all the time,
In his sermons he’d make us laugh,
And forget all our troubles, in half.

He’d begin with a story so funny,
And we’d all grin, even the grumpy,
He’d weave it in with a scripture,
And we’d learn, while feeling richer.

His humor was always on point,
And we’d listen, without a disappoint,
His sermons were never a bore,
We’d leave church, feeling good, for sure.

So here’s to that pastor of ours,
Who spreads joy, like bees and flowers,
We thank you for making us smile,
And bringing laughter, to every aisle.

Pastor Appreciation Month is Coming!

In honor of pastors, October is set
To recognize the work they do each day
Their dedication, never to forget
As they guide and teach us on life’s way

With faith and love, they lead their flock
Through trials, doubts, and worldly strife
They offer hope, a constant rock
In times of sorrow or in joyful life

Their words of wisdom, like a soothing balm
Bring comfort and strength to those in need
A shelter in life’s storm, a healing calm
Their loving kindness, an inspiring seed

So let us take this month to show our care
For pastors who lead with love and prayer.

A Marriage Restored

This is a little-known fact about me.  The only reason I ended up attending church services is because my parents sought marriage counseling during a trying time.  They opened the phone book (back when phone books were real) and started calling churches for help.  They eventually found one and sought counseling.  Shortly after, we started attending service on a regular basis.  Maybe this pastor appreciation poem about marriage counseling is one you can share.

A marriage once shattered,
Broken and torn apart,
Two souls in despair,
With heavy and broken hearts.

But then came a pastor,
A guiding light of hope,
With wisdom and kindness,
He taught us how to cope.

Through tears and struggles,
We slowly learned to heal,
With patience and forgiveness,
Our love began to feel.

Our marriage restored,
Like a phoenix rising from the ash,
We knew we had to thank,
This man who made it last.

For he went above and beyond,
In every single way,
A true angel on earth,
Who saved our marriage that day.

So we honor and thank him,
For all that he has done,
A marriage restored,
And a love that’s just begun.

Pastoral Care

This is a poem about pastors who stand by your side through pastoral care.  They stay with you in sickness and health.  They hold your hand and encourage your faith no matter your age.

When illness came to visit me
And left me weak and worn
A pastor came to comfort me
And gave my heart a song.

With gentle words and tender care
He stood beside my bed
And prayed that healing soon would come
And pain would be dispelled.

He held my hand and spoke of faith
And all that it could bring
Of hope that shines like morning light
And joy that makes hearts sing.

His visits brought a peaceful calm
To ease my troubled mind
And though the road was long and hard
His presence was so kind.

So when I think of that pastor now
And all the times he came
I feel a warmth within my soul
And peace in Jesus’ name.

For though my body may be weak
And struggles may abound
I know that there are those who care
And love that can be found.

My Spiritual Leader

Pastors are spiritual leaders and should serve as shining representatives of Christ. This themed pastor poem focuses on appreciating their commitment to leading by example.

In the pulpit he stands, with heart full of grace,
A pastor, a shepherd, who leads with embrace,
His words are a balm, to the wounded and lost,
His voice is a beacon, in the tempest-tossed.

He’s a prime example, of a spiritual guide,
Whose love for his flock, can never subside,
His counsel is wise, his compassion profound,
His faith is unwavering, in all that surrounds.

He prays with his people, in joy and in grief,
And offers his presence, as their hearts seek relief,
He walks with them closely, in every season,
And shows them the way, with love as his reason.

This pastor, this leader, so faithful and true,
Has touched many lives, with the gospel anew,
May he continue to inspire, with his heart so pure,
And lead his flock onward, with love that endures.

Pastor Appreciation Bulletin

Sometimes you just need a good short pastor appreciation haiku for your church’s Sunday bulletin.  This will fill the space in a creative way to say “thanks” to your pastor.

Grateful hearts arise,
Blessings flow from up above,
Pastor, we thank you.

High Biblical Standards for Pastors

The Bible has high standards for pastors!  Finding a pastor that practices these standards is something to be appreciated and admired.  Let us thank all pastors who never stop learning God’s Word.

The Bible sets a standard high,
For those who lead, who serve, who guide,
It speaks of character, skill, and heart,
And the importance of playing their part.

To lead and teach with clarity,
To live a life of purity,
To care for those within their fold,
To have a heart of love untold.

Our pastor embodies all these traits,
His heart is for his flock, he states,
He preaches truth with power and might,
And leads with wisdom, day and night.

He models Christ in all he does,
He listens, loves, and gives his all,
He’s faithful, kind, and true of heart,
And shows us how to do our part.

So we thank God for our pastor dear,
And pray that he will persevere,
For in his service, we all thrive,
And in his love, we come alive.

Thank You, Pastor!

Wives of pastors are oftentimes ordained ministers too!  This limerick is dedicated to our women’s ministry pastor who speaks timely and encouraging messages.

Our pastor is truly divine,
With sermons that always align.
She teaches us love,
From heaven above,
And in our hearts, her teachings shine. 

In Closing

Let’s show our pastors how much we love them not just in October, but year-round.  Sometimes pastoring can be a thankless job.  Let them know how you feel by sharing one of these pastor appreciation poems with them today.

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Common gifts for pastor appreciation include:

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