7 Heartfelt Poems About Walking

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I absolutely love walking each morning! I enjoy the fresh air filling my lungs and the gentle breeze on my skin. It serves as a moment of quiet reflection before the hustle and bustle of my day begins. I take in my surroundings—the chirping birds, the rustling leaves, the soft glow of the rising sun—and it all feels like a gift.

A few of my favorite poems about walking

Through the years I have written a few poems about walking. These are my favorites!  I must admit that poem #6 “Just Start Walking” was the hardest one for me to write.  It is a saying that my best friend and I always said to each other for encouragement.  She later passed away due to skin cancer.

“New Morning Steps” – A peaceful morning walk poem

As the sun begins to rise,
And the world awakens from the night,
I take a peaceful morning walk,
And bask in nature’s quiet delight.

The birds are chirping in the trees,
Their melodies fill the air,
And the rustling of the leaves,
Provides a soothing background to the scene so fair.

The grass beneath my feet is cool,
And the morning dew still lingers,
As I stroll along the path,
And breathe in the freshness with my fingers.

The world is still asleep,
But I am wide awake,
Embracing the tranquility,
And the stillness that the morning brings, I take.

I revel in the beauty,
Of the world around me,
And I feel my worries fade away,
As I walk in perfect harmony.

And so I cherish these moments,
Of peaceful morning walks,
For they remind me of life’s simple joys,
And the beauty that surrounds us all.

Home of American Golf in NC made a short video with my poem.

“Let’s Go for a Walk” – A poem about walking with my dogs!

When I say “let’s go for a walk,”
My dogs’ tails start to wag and talk,
Their eyes light up with eager glee,
As they jump up and down, ready to be free.

I grab their leashes, and off we go,
Walking down the street, nice and slow,
Sniffing here and there, marking their spots,
My furry companions enjoying their trot.

They love to explore and take in the sights,
Chasing after squirrels with all their might,
Stopping to smell the flowers and trees,
As we stroll along with the gentle breeze.

Their tongues hang out, panting with joy,
As we walk together, my little girl and boy,
And when we’re done and back at the door,
They give me a look that says, “let’s do it once more!”

Walking the dogs is such a treat,
Their happiness and wagging tails are sweet,
It’s a simple pleasure, but one I adore,
Going for a walk with my furry friends, forevermore.

“Strolling Sunsets” – A poem about walking with a spouse at sunset

As the sun sets low in the sky,
I take my darling by the hand,
And we stroll through fields awry,
In a world so quiet and grand.

We walk along a winding path,
As night birds sing a lullaby,
The gentle breeze of evening hath,
A peaceful calm that cannot lie.

My love and I, side by side,
We share this moment so serene,
Our hearts beating as one, no divide,
A blissful sight, this tranquil scene.

As the sky turns into twilight,
The stars above start to shine,
Our love, a shining beacon of light,
In this world so vast, so divine.

We stop beneath a tree so tall,
And hold each other oh so tight,
Whispers of love we do recall,
Our love a fire, an eternal light.

And as we walk back home so slow,
Our hearts filled with warmth and love,
Our evening stroll a memory to glow,
A moment in time, so pure, thereof.

“Traveling Tourist” – A poem about my time touring New York

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city’s roar,
A tourist wanders, seeking to explore.
Tall buildings loom above with grandeur and might,
As if reaching towards the sky, a magnificent sight.

With a map in hand and an adventurous heart,
The tourist sets out to discover every part.
The streets are busy with people on the go,
Each with a destination, a place to show.

The city never sleeps, it’s alive all day,
The tourist can’t help but feel swept away.
From the towering skyscrapers to the quaint little shops,
There’s something new to see around every block.

The city’s energy is infectious, it’s true,
And the tourist can’t help but feel it too.
As they wander and explore with eager eyes,
Their spirit soars, reaching towards the skies.

The city’s secrets slowly unfold,
Revealing hidden treasures, new stories to be told.
From the grand museums to the bustling cafes,
There’s adventure waiting around every maze.

As the sun sets and the day winds down,
The tourist can’t help but wear a grin, never a frown.
For they’ve explored a city full of life and light,
And their heart is now filled with memories, oh so bright.

“Navigating the World of Life” – A poem about walking through life and trying to figure it out

A nomad wanders through the land,
With nothing but his thoughts at hand,
He walks and walks, day and night,
Trying to make sense of this world’s plight.

He travels far, he travels wide,
Through mountains high and valleys wide,
He meets new people, hears their stories,
And learns from them about life’s glories.

He ponders on the mysteries of life,
Why we are here, what’s our strife,
He wonders about the purpose of his own,
And where his journey will take him alone.

He marvels at the beauty of nature,
And the power of its every creature,
He sees the stars shining bright,
And the moon casting its ethereal light.

He walks through deserts, through snow and rain,
Through forests dense and grassy plain,
He never stops, he never rests,
For he knows his journey is a test.

He knows that life is a winding road,
With many twists and turns untold,
But he embraces it with open arms,
And walks with courage, amidst life’s harms.

For he knows that in the end,
Life is a journey to comprehend,
And with every step that he takes,
He learns more about the world’s fakes.

So the nomad walks on and on,
Through this world’s chaos and con,
With a heart full of hope and love,
And a mind that soars like a dove.

“Just Start Walking” – A poem about walking with my best friend who passed away

Two lifelong friends, no map in hand,
Set out to walk across the land,
With no end in sight, no final goal,
Just a path to follow, heart and soul.

They stepped together, side by side,
With nothing to fear and nothing to hide,
Each step a beat, a rhythmic stride,
With nothing to do but enjoy the ride.

They walked through fields of gold and green,
And over hills, so vast and serene,
They walked through rain and walked through sun,
Two friends on a journey, just begun.

They talked and laughed, and shared their dreams,
As they walked along, by crystal streams,
They walked through forests, dense and deep,
With promises to each other to always keep.

Their journey took them far and wide,
Through valleys low, and mountains high,
Their footsteps marked the path they trod,
A journey shared, a bond made strong.

And then one day, they saw the light,
A destination, shining bright,
They reached the end of their long walk,
And found a place where they could talk.

A place of beauty, beyond compare,
A place of peace, a place to share,
They looked at each other, with tears in their eyes,
And knew that their friendship would never die.

For though their journey had reached its end,
Their love for each other would always mend,
And so they stood, through life’s demand,
Two lifelong friends, together, grand.

And as they gazed upon that wondrous sight,
They knew that everything was right,
For though they had started with no end in sight,
They had ended up, in the perfect light.

“Quick Steps” – A brief haiku about walking

Amidst nature’s grace,
Footsteps tread upon the earth,
Walking brings peace home.

 5 Benefits of Walking

Now that you’ve enjoyed some poems about walking, let me tell you a few of the reasons why I enjoy daily walks.  Maybe this will encourage you to take your first step.

  1. Easy-ish Exercise: I say it’s “easy-ish” because while simple to do, it can be hard to get motivated at times.  However, walking is an excellent form of low-impact exercise that can help improve cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and burn calories.
  2. Mental health benefits: I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stress and anxiety levels when walking.  I also credit it to improving my mood and focusing my thoughts.  Many of my poem topics arise from these walks.
  3. Social steps: I love walking with my friends, family, or pets because it’s a chance to connect with others and enjoy their company. It’s a great way to spend quality time together without distractions.
  4. Nature walks: One of my favorite things about walking is being able to appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether it’s a park, beach, city, or my own subdivision, being outside and enjoying the scenery is so refreshing and uplifting.
  5. Cheaper than a gym membership: Walking is a low-cost form of exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment or gym memberships. All I need is a comfortable pair of shoes and I’m ready to go!

If you haven’t added walking to your daily life, I highly encourage you to do it!  If you enjoy reading as much as I do, here are a few books about walking you may enjoy.

  1. 100 Hikes of a Lifetime
  2. Walking Your Way to Weight Loss
  3. 52 Ways to Walk: The Surprising Science of Walking for Wellness and Joy, One Week at a Time
  4. Wanderers: A History of Women Walking

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