5 Relatable Poems About Books

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As you know, I love writing poems.  Today, I want to share with you another passion of mine and that is reading books.  Below I’ve even merged both my loves and written some poems about books that express how I feel about them.

What I love most is that books have the power to take you to new places, teach you new things, and expand your vocabulary and perspective.

Many people, like myself, spend too much time debating physical books vs Kindle, but this just delays your time reading.  I use both. I love the smell and feel of physical books.  I also have a fondness for exquisitely designed book covers and bookmarks.  I primarily use my Kindle when traveling.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

This is a poem about a book that focuses on an expression we’ve all heard since we were children.  Oftentimes, we can be quick to judge, and in almost all cases we should slow down and learn more before jumping to conclusions.

Don’t judge a book by its cover,
For there’s much more to discover.
It may appear tattered and worn,
But within its pages, a story is born.

It could be a tale of love and loss,
Or an adventure through mountains and moss.
Perhaps it’s a journey of self-discovery,
Or a historical account of bravery and glory.

Don’t be fooled by the plain exterior,
For the contents are much superior.
The words within hold great power,
Like a blooming bud turned into a flower.

So take a chance and turn the page,
Let the story unfold like a stage.
Discover the beauty that lies within,
And let the journey of the book begin.

Don’t judge a book by its cover,
For it’s the story that truly hovers.
The outside may be plain or bright,
But within it holds a world of delight.

Hey Mom, read this book to me, please

Oh, how I miss the times when my little ones would say this to me.  Their soft voice, warm cuddles, and curious imaginations made my heart melt.  Out of all my poems about books listed, this one holds so many memories.  I’m not crying, you’re crying!

I remember those precious moments
When you would come to me and say,
“Hey Mom, read this book to me, please,”
And I would never turn you away.

Your voice was so soft and innocent,
As you climbed onto my lap,
And I would wrap my arms around you,
Holding you close with a gentle tap.

Together we would explore new worlds,
Through the pages of every tale,
And I could see the wonder in your eyes,
As you listened with a heart so frail.

Your imagination was so curious,
Asking questions about everything we read,
And I would patiently answer each one,
Planting seeds of knowledge that would later feed.

Those warm cuddles were the best,
As we snuggled up together,
Your little head resting on my chest,
Feeling your love, I knew it would last forever.

As I look back on those memories now,
I am grateful for every moment we shared,
Your love and laughter still fill my heart,
And my love for you will never be impaired.

Hey Mom, read this book to me, please,
Those words will forever echo in my mind,
For they remind me of the love we shared,
A bond so strong, it will never unwind.

Looking for the perfect book

This poem is about a public library.  It focuses on the vastness of public libraries and how they can open up the world to you through their books in more ways than you can imagine.  They are a true treasure undiscovered by many.

Looking for the perfect book,
In a sea of endless shelves,
A world of knowledge and wonder,
Lies within these walls themselves.

Books of all shapes and sizes,
On every subject you can think,
From the classics to the new,
There’s a book for everyone, in a blink.

Roaming through the aisles,
I’m like a kid in a candy store,
Searching for the perfect book,
To take me on an adventure, and explore.

I scan the titles and covers,
A world of stories at my feet,
Each one offering something new,
To make my heart skip a beat.

From history to science fiction,
Biographies and romance too,
The possibilities are endless,
In this world that’s bright and true.

I lose myself in the pages,
As I travel far and wide,
Learning new things about the world,
With each turn of the tide.

A public library is a treasure,
A world of endless delight,
A place where the perfect book,
Is always within your sight.

So if you’re looking for adventure,
Or knowledge that’s yet to be found,
Step into a public library,
And let the perfect book astound.

Books make you smarter

No matter what genre of book you’re reading they increase your knowledge through lectures, life lessons, vocabulary, creativity, and more.

Books make you smarter, it’s plain to see,
In their pages lies a world of possibility.
History, science, art, and more,
New insights and knowledge to explore.

With each page turned, our minds expand,
New perspectives and wisdom at our command.
Different cultures and mysteries to unravel,
Books teach us to think and to marvel.

So read them often, and read them well,
For the secrets of the world they will surely tell.

A Poem About A Book

Books are magical and can do so much for you such as improving your sleep, increasing cognitive skills, and simply calming your spirit.  This poem is simply about the book itself and what it means to me.

Oh, let me tell thee of a book so rare,
A tome of wonder, adventure, and thought,
Its pages filled with tales beyond compare,
A treasure trove of knowledge dearly sought.

This poem about a book cannot do justice,
To the wonders found within its binding,
A world of magic, mystery, and justice,
A world of truths, of beauty, and finding.

From ancient lands with secrets long since lost,
To distant stars that twinkle in the night,
This book will take thee on a wondrous cost,
And fill thy heart with joy and with delight.

So let thy mind embark upon this quest,
And let this book lead thee to thy best.

Final Chapter (In Summary)

Reading is more than action to me.  It brings so much joy and fulfillment to my life.  I hope these poems about books inspired you to start reading more.  Maybe these book-themed poems inspired you to write your own story of reading.

Books I’m currently recommending:

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  5. The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

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